These beautiful pieces of wooden furniture handcrafted by Scot Laughton are simple prototypes designed to be made locally by villagers in rural areas of China. The collection was recently used in ‘The House for All Seasons’ in the north-eastern region of China in Shijia Village. The collection includes a chair, a stool, a bench, a dining table, a low table and a sofa. The overall objective is to use architecture and design to improve the lives of the rural population, and Laughton’s project is geared specifically towards sustainable design.

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Located in Shijia village, Shaanxi province, China, The House of All Seasons is an award-winning project by John Lin. The adapted mud brick courtyard dwelling now showcases Scot Laughton’s Farmhouse furniture. Laughton sought help from village carpenters and researched local techniques and tools. The collection is made from locally sourced Chinaberry wood using a mixture of old-fashioned craft and modern tools – and local workers will continue producing the collection in the future.

+ Scot Laughton

Images courtesy of Scot Laughton