Lodovico Bernardi’s small plywood table takes the concept of foldable furniture to its extreme! The elegant table, which is made from a single piece of plywood, is ultra-thin when turned sideways so it can be stored discretely in ones home. In fact, it is thin enough to fall—if you’re not careful—through the gap between the elevator car and the wall of the elevator shaft.

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Bernardi’s table is made from only one panel of plywood with a simple cut and some holes made with a CNC machine. Its minimalist design and simple folding mechanism allows for a drastic reduction of waste and energy during the manufacturing process.

Looking like a simple thin board when folded, the table can be stored somewhere where it takes a minimum amount of space. It can be used separately or as an extension of the main table when hosting a dinner party or organizing the Easter family meal. Taking a cue from Bernardi’s table concept, one could imagine the future of housing being based on foldable paper-thin furniture which can transform a space from a cozy living room into a dance floor.

+ Lodovico Bernardi

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