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This design comes on the heels of a controversial news report that cell phones are killing bees. Whether or not that is true, there is no question that bee populations have declined precipitously. This does not bode well for agriculture nor, as Kirk points out, for London’s historic gardens. Though it would be a sad day in human history to see them launched, Kirk’s towers would be able to keep the city’s gardens nice and colorful even without bees.

A variety of artificial pollinators, also designed b Kirk, can be used to fertilize home gardens. A flat pack product would be suspended from terraced back gardens, where it would rely on passive wind and the vertical movement of weighted acetate to brush past the anthers of one garden flower onto another’s stigma. This is a very interesting biomimicry project that demonstrates humanity’s remarkable ability to adapt.

For further information, please email the designer at benkirk1986[at]hotmail dot com.

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