It’s hard to find the perfect conversion van online, especially if you have a limited budget. Until now, you had to search through several different sites, like Craigslist and online forums, if you wanted a decent deal. But a new website hopes to make finding the conversion van of your dreams and going off-grid easier than ever.

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There are a lot of ways you can get a conversion van on the cheap. You can purchase an old van and convert it yourself, DIY style, or buy a kit that does most of the work for you. There are also more expensive routes to explore, which include purchasing a van that’s already equipped for all of your needs. For those of us on a budget, however, is looking to expand those options even more.

Conversion Trader was founded by individuals in the ski industry, who came up with the idea after discovering that, while there were plenty of websites for RVs and campers, no one-stop site for purchasing a conversion van existed. Conversion Trader solves that problem with a website fully dedicated to providing customers with an assortment of conversion fans, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit for your budget.

Conversion Trader allows customers to filter vans by new or used status, location, and type of van available. The website just launched, so its van choices are still somewhat limited, but the founders hope to add to them in the near future. And even if the site is still building its inventory, many current listings are for used vans, making it an affordable option for anyone yearning to get off the grid and get into the van life.

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