Now that sustainability has become household language, environmental-friendliness can be more of a marketing buzz word than a true indication of responsible manufacturing. Fortunately, there are some exceptionally dedicated green businesses that are implementing sustainable practices throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Looolo Textiles is one of these companies.

Based in Toronto, Looolo develops “living textiles,” made from certified organic buckwheat and cotton, as well as Climatex Lifcycle yarns (organic fibers free of toxins and hazardous bio-products, conceived in conjunction with McDonough and Braungart). Raw materials are grown mostly by local Canadian farmers, then dyed in a “closed loop” facility, where remainders from the dye baths are purified, recycled and reused entirely, never releasing pollutants to the outside. When a Looolo product no longer serves its owner, it can be composted and will completely biodegrade and reabsorb into the earth within one year. This is true “cradle-to-cradle” industry.

If all of this eco-consciousness is bringing to mind images of earth-toned burlap, you will be pleasantly surprised by Looolo’s elegant finished products. Cushions, floor pillows and blankets come in a full palette of colors and a range of weights and textures. Joanna Notkin, founder and head designer, has received a number of design awards for Looolo’s sustainable style. And if you’re wondering at the vowel-heavy name, Looolo is a visual representation of “100%,” affirming the company’s commitment to sustainability from birth to rebirth.

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