CityAge Media is hosting an event May 25 in person called Shaping the Next Los Angeles. The focus is forging partnerships and investments that can inform the future of other American towns and cities and set an example for the world. What will it look like?

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Flying cars for real this time?

There was a time when rivers in America were on fire and pollution devastated cities. Once again, the U.S. is at a crossroads choosing a cleaner future. Shaping the Next Los Angeles is one of many events looking to find future-proof solutions for city planning.

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What we find most exciting about the Los Angeles lineup is they are discussing the potential for local air transit (flying cars?) and the decarbonization of urban infrastructure, as well as digital and physical connectivity. It appears that the concept of smart cities has grown into integrated visions of sustainable urban infrastructure, and we are here for it.

“We have assembled an impressive panel of speakers from the public and private sectors who will discuss the housing supply, decarbonizing the built environment, urban aviation, the use of design, technology and renewable energy systems to decarbonize urban operations, and more,” said Representatives from CityAge Media.

Speakers include:

  • – Randall Winston, Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure, City of Los Angeles
  • – Jeanne Holm, Deputy Mayor for Budget & Innovation, City of Los Angeles
  • – Rick Cole, Chief Deputy Controller, City of Los Angeles
  • – Hilary Norton, Commissioner and Chairwoman Emeritus, California Transportation Commission
  • – Stephen Cheung, President and CEO, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation 

How to fix the housing crisis, reinvent mobility and increase smart data sharing

Cities of the future will share smart data to keep infrastructure running smoothly. Cities will run on clean power, and more than ever before cities are considering the lifecycle of buildings and materials in the urban built environment to make smart investments for the future. Cities of tomorrow need to withstand climate change worsened natural disasters, increase equitable access to water and electricity and the internet and help citizens get around in ways that are sustainable for people and the planet.

The Shaping the Next Los Angeles event will take place at The California Club 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PST on May 25, 2023. The dress code is business casual. You can find more info on the event at CityAge’s LA 2023 page.

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Additionally, this year’s event focuses on infrastructure reinvestment. L.A. is currently figuring out how to host both the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Olympic Games. It’s prime time to plan the future infrastructure of the city to better serve the public, withstand natural disasters and rely on sustainable energy for power.

Goals of the conference include:

  • – Dramatically increase housing supply and tackle homelessness, while we also decarbonize the built environment. 
  • – Reinvent transit and mobility through smart data-sharing and new technologies. 
  • – The new public-private partnership, and how it can deliver tech-enabled infrastructure. 
  • – Use design, technology and renewable energy systems to decarbonize urban operations.
  • – Add new urban innovations like electric urban aviation to its infrastructure. 
  • – Create both digital and physical connectivity.
  • – Weave resiliency into new and rebuilt infrastructure.

“We can’t talk about the world’s great cities without talking about L.A.,” said CityAge Managing Director Alon Marcovici. “We’re thrilled to be back in Los Angeles and to envision a future post-Olympics, post-World Cup L.A. region. This event’s all-star lineup of speakers and attendees, along with L.A.’s spirit of innovation and ambitions for the future are part of what attracts us to L.A. time and time again.”

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