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The 5M version of the Lotus Belle Outback Tent is an update to the previous model, the smaller 4M. Several new features have been added to increase the luxury and function of the tent. The updated Outback Tent has larger roof vents than the previous model, designed for increased ventilation so the tent can remain comfortable during hot summer months, when it’s intended to be used the most. A rectangular panel on the back wall also helps improve the ventilation by allowing for a nice cross-breeze to flow through the space.

Lotus Belle Outback Tent party

Outdoor summer events often mean battling the bugs, especially if your festivities will span across the dusk hours when biting insects are at their most active. Lotus Belle designed the Outback Tent with zippable mesh windows and a mesh door, meant to keep out the insects who seek to pester you.

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With a $2,700 price tag, the Lotus Belle Outback Tent won’t suit every budget, but it’s a delightful temporary space for those who can muster the expense.

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Images via Lotus Belle