Danish designer Louise Campbell’s intricate Papercuts series of paper lamps really shined during Milan Design Week. Folded from paper just like origami and then sliced with delicate cutouts, the fixtures cast festive shadows on the wall when illuminated. Campbell crafted the fixtures with the support of Danish Crafts, and has received several international awards for her designs.

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Campbell originally planned her Papercuts lamps to be fashioned out of laser cut steel and textiles. But while she worked on creating models, she realized the ability of paper to be cut and folded so precisely made it a desirable choice for the lamps. Paper, of course, is not the most practical medium for an electric lamp and it is also difficult to clean and is easily damaged. But from Campbell’s point of view, light itself is delicate, and paper became the best possible material that could play with both illumination and shadows.

Working with Louis Paulson Lighting, Campbell created her Papercuts series as another example of how she can work with any material given the situation and demands of a client. She approaches her projects with a sense of adventure and the materials themselves are part of that journey. To that end, her lamps shined through at Milan.

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Photos via and Inhabitat