Artist Luke Jerram wants to bring a little fun to the streets of Bristol by transforming a road into the world’s biggest slip and slide! If all goes according to plan, the artist’s “Park and Slide” installation will take over Park Street on May 4th. Jerram hopes to crowdfund the project, which could give locals a different way to think about transportation throughout the city.

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Jerram’s crowdfunding campaign is seeking $10,000 to install the slide, and it’s already half fulfilled. The temporary slide would stretch down the hill on Park Street, and it would be lined with plastic blue barriers to keep sliders safely in place. The 300-foot-long architectural intervention would thrill sliders as they propel down the steeply inclined city street.

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The artist proposed the Park and Slide to the Bristol City Council as part of Bristol’s “Make Sundays Special” program, which closes off Park Street to cars and lets locals take back the street. Jerram is known for projects that engage citizens with their cities – he’s already made a name for himself by bringing pianos to the streets of New York and London for passersby to play. He also brought the world’s largest solar powered light fixture to Bristol.

With funding halfway there, Jerram hopes his Park and Slide will become a reality on May 4th, bringing a little fun to streets of Bristol.

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