The Milan Expo 2015 is already underway and in true Italian fashion, food and sustainability are the main focus. The amazing designers Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini have created a fun and easy way for visitors to taste the delicious Expo cuisine on the go! Their “Lunchbook” is a collection of bound paper dishes featuring decorated borders and unique recipes from countries all over the world printed at their center. Visitors can fan out the pages and sample foods from various exhibitors at once, throw away their plates, or rinse them for another round of eats!

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The bowls won first prize in the preliminary “Expopack” competition where designers were challenged with creating a convenient and portable way for visitors to snack. The plates are coated with a waterproof biopolymer film, making them easy to wash and reuse. Visitors need not feel any guilt throwing them away though, as they are also made of 100% recyclable and compostable paper.

The booklet includes a thumb hole that allows users to spread the pages out like an artist’s palette and collect a number of delicious dishes at once. Recipes from different countries are also printed on the bottom of each bowl, and visitors can take them home and try out making the dish on their own!

+ Sebastiano Ercoli

+ Alessandro Garlandini

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