Positioned along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Hunters Point luxury homes are setting the foundation for what sustainable construction can look like now and in the future. 

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A condo under construction by the beach

The new eco-friendly development is made up of dozens of homes, each equipped with the smart technology and green design elements to weigh in as the most environmentally-resilient, climate-positive residential development in the U.S. 

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A construction area of luxury homes

The project began with the idea that housing needs to not only provide shelter for current and future generations, but also needs to exist in conjunction with a healthy environment. The company explains the concept, stating, “Our entire world is built around the pursuit of generational wealth. The idea is that you can earn enough in your lifetime to provide for the generations that will come after you. But what of the planet that your descendants will inherit?” 

A wooden docking pathway for ships

To address these concerns, Hunters Point luxury homes are built to meet LEED platinum certification requirements. Each home is equipped with solar panels and monitored for energy efficiency through the Sonnen battery management system. This results in net-positive homes that generate more energy than they consume. Compared to a traditional home, the investment in the most-innovative new technologies means an annual savings of eight tons of CO2 per home. As a collective, the development is able to be completely self-sustaining, sharing resources between homes, while remaining off-grid. Hunters Point homes are designed to withstand beatings from the intense storms known to the region. 

A slim beachside resort

Furthermore, the modern homes embrace a classic coastal vibe while incorporating smart technology such as voice commands throughout the space. Each home is equipped with electric car charging stations and other features that guide them towards a cleaner future.

The top of solar panels on a building

Even the building process relies on data-driven technology to ensure the most resource-conservative construction. Every material is inventoried and counted. Unused items are then returned to the supplier to minimize waste. At the construction site, debris bins are individually labeled so sorted construction materials can be properly recycled or disposed of. 

A refrigerator and air filtration system

“Our vision of the future includes communities that work together in harmony with nature and technology to create sustainable living for all people,” said the designer. “Our entire world is built around the pursuit of generational sustainability. The idea that you can live your best life now, while still providing a healthy planet for each and every one of the generations that will come after you.”

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