Be it their biomimetic form, their integral strength, or the their beautiful visual texture, lately we can’t get enough of hexagonal honeycomb structures. The latest to catch our eye is the stunning Sinosteel International Plaza by Beijing-based MAD architects. More than just a striking façade, the building’s hexagonal curtain is based upon climate modeling and serves to regulate the structure’s temperature and daylight by varying the size of each cell’s window.

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Seeking to set it apart from your average slate-grey skyscraper, MAD designed the SinoSteel Plaza to be “natural, organic and futuristic.” Situated in Tianjing near BoHai Bay, the complex comprises two structures: a 1,174 foot tower and an adjacent hotel.

Each building’s elegant white façade plays an integral role in its energy efficiency: “By mapping the different air flows and solar direction across the site, we were able to position different sized windows accordingly, minimizing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.” The façade also acts as the building’s main structural support, which allows the interior spaces great flexibility for the types of use they can accommodate.

Construction is currently underway and the complex will be completed in 2011.