Madrid is making it easier and greener to get around town with its first electric bike-share program. Dubbed BiciMad, the program mirrors similar programs in place in Barcelona, London and Paris where commuters are able to rent an electric bike for use around the city. The program will include 1,500 bikes at 120 bike stands throughout the city.

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Spanish firm BonoPark is building the bike stands and installing the bikes at a cost of about $35 million. The city stated that the program is part of a larger billion dollar traffic management plan, which will also add 37 miles of bike lanes to the streets of Madrid. Other cities in Spain such as San Sebastian already have electric bike programs, but this is the first for Madrid.

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Each bike will be equipped with a small motor that will help propel the rider when pedaling so distance and hills won’t hold you back. No word yet on the cost of renting a bike, but the program is ready to launch on May 1st.


Lead image via Shutterstock, image via Insapphowetrust