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Magnificent Revolution started in 2007 and is a not-for-profit education project based in London dedicated to guiding people towards positive solutions and low carbon lifestyles. They use bicycle power generators as an educational tool in schools, colleges and communities to show how human power can be used to create energy. After a considerable amount of research and testing, the organization has perfected the art of pedal power and regularly offers clinics for children and adults on bike generators. Their website also offers a detailed set of DIY instructions for how to set up your own bike-powered generation system.

One of their more successful projects is the Cycle-In Cinema, a fun and active event where audience members provide all the power needed to watch a movie, screening or other such film. Magnificent Revolution partners with other organizations to host screenings at various locations around London. Some of the screenings, like last week’s at Hackney City Farm with The Labyrinth are fun and light hearted, while others are dedicated to a specific theme. Magnificent Revolution provides the energy generators and with 8 bikes and 16 legs, an audience can power a 4000 Lumen projector and 500W of audio equipment. Treats and drinks are sourced from local and sustainable vendors and all events are free, except you have to work for them.

For future screenings and events, follow Magnificent Revolution via Facebook.

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