On Monday, a man in a white pickup truck drove through a group of protestors in Reno, Nevada, critically injuring one 59-year-old woman and leaving four others with minor injuries. The group had gathered in protest of Columbus Day and the advancing construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. Several observers caught the incident on video and the Reno Police report an investigation is underway.

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The group of 40 protestors had gathered underneath the Reno Arch to take a photo on Monday evening when they were approached by the truck. Exchanges can be heard between the protestors and the driver, instructing him to “just go around” the group. Instead, the driver revs his engine and drives through the group, leaving several injured. One woman, named Kitty Colbert, is currently at the Renown Regional Medical Center, which described her condition as “serious.” Despite her injuries, she has posted to social media that she is “in good spirits.”

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After the driver drove through the crowd, he reportedly pulled down another street and called to inform the police of what happened, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. The names of the driver and his passenger have not been released, but they have been identified as 18 and 17 years old, respectively. Quanah Brightman, executive director of United Native Americans Inc., says the young man was “stalking” the group and asks that they be charged with a hate crime for targeting their group. So far, the police report both men are cooperating with the investigation and there is no mention of charges at this time.

Yesterday, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve issued a statement on behalf of the Reno City Council: “Public safety is our highest priority, and I want all Reno residents to know that we are working swiftly and diligently to make sense of the events that took place last night. Please be advised that the Reno Police Department will hold anyone responsible accountable for their actions once the investigation has concluded.”

Via Grist, Reno Gazette-Journal

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