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It’s hard to imagine that this 200-square-foot tiny home was once a trailer, but having the trailer infrastructure in place made it easier to add appliances and other items inside. There’s built-in storage in the living room, a sleeping loft with ladder, and a small stove, sink and kitchen space. The kitchen itself has 24-inch cabinets and a small range with oven, so those who like to cook can still do so. The kitchen sink has a pull-down faucet to help maneuver around larger dishes and pans.

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Clean, classic styling and sleek features make it easy to move around in this tiny home. The shower is 32 inches, a good size for almost any person and the bathroom sink has a window, keeping it from feeling like an RV. Fully insulated, with lots of natural light, Rusnak has made this trailer a true home. Rusnak’s design comes complete with a removable cedar deck, which the tiny home’s new owners are surely enjoying.

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Images via Ron Rusnak