Chad Oppenheim was selected by the Mandarin Oriental Group to develop 8 villas in the the Turks and Caicos Islands that pay homage to the hyper sensitivity of the location’s unique natural setting. Situated on Dellis Cay, the villas are designed to integrate nature as a major component of their material palette. The architecture was kept as simple as possible, ensuring that residents are able to fully take in the changing sky and surrounding vegetation.

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The 8 villas are precisely oriented to make the most of their vaulted position above the treetops, and each individual project has been carefully planned to maximize performative and experiential qualities. Each villa channels prevailing winds to cool the interior spaces while framing sunrises, sunsets, and the path of the moon from one side of the structure to the other. Given the limited number of resources on the island, a mixture of passive and active green building strategies were implemented throughout the projects including large overhangs, cross-ventilation, the use of recycled materials, solar hot water heaters, insulating green roofs, and rooftop infinity pools that also serve as a rainwater collection tanks.

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