What will we all do for fun in the future when we’re bored with all the digital thrills we have sought indoors? Designer Marco Sweston has the answer: a track racer built from synthetic bone, muscle, and skin that runs in a pack on a custom-designed race course. The Touch Effect concept uses a carbon fiber frame reminiscent of a skeleton, which is surrounded by synthetic muscles that control the suspension, steering, and insulation of the vehicle. Topping it all off is an acrylic glass skin that is transparent to show off the muscles doing their thing underneath. The steering mechanism is an extension of the muscles, which functions like reins.

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To top it all off, the Touch Effect will be rented online and picked up at a track (such as the 3.3-mile hydro-X track pictured below) where the driver competes one on one with another driver or works with other drivers to complete the course as a team. The Touch Effect will have accident prevention technology that keeps it on the track and prevents it from touching other vehicles. Feedback on racing performance and communication are performed by cameras and microphones integrated into the driver’s helmet.

Via Yanko Design