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The hydrofoils, which are similar to airfoils used by airplanes, lift the boat’s hull out of the water to decrease drag and allow for greater speeds. The combination of the Fresnel lens and holographic film-clad outrigger concentrates solar power and helps sustain the vehicle while cruising. A triangulated woven polyester mesh trampoline with a vinyl coating runs the length of the Trimaran, while flexible solar panels located on the top and bottom of the wing sail surfaces generate additional electricity.

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Fresnel lenses and holographic film focus the light intensity towards the sandwiched solar cells. Even the main cabin is covered withholographic film, which defracts incident light and acts as prismatic concentrator that channels light towards the photovoltaic material. The fold-out hydrofoils are deployed in mono-hull mode, pushing the main hull above the water and reducing water resistance up to 80 percent.

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