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The fire house’s red and white stacked volumes are shifted to take full advantage of the natural sunlight, and lined with a wall of glazed floor to ceiling windows which block solar gain while giving the firemen full view of their fire boat docked outside. The matching Firefighter 2 vessel is clad in reverse red and white, visually locking with the main building when docked.

Sage and Coombe built the complex with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. A green roof filters rain run off, keeps the interior cool, and provides an infusion of greenery to the stark waterfront pier. Solar power is used in many ways – as a hot water system, in passive solar heating, and for daylighting. Natural ventilation keeps climate control costs low, as does passive shading.

Like a standard fire house, the Marine 9 has all the comforts of home – a kitchen, a dormitory, a gym, offices and a machine shop, only set on the waterfront instead of a residential street. A main entrance hall incorporates the stairway to the second floor, and meets with the private section of the fire house. The modern structure combines traditional fire station elements, like the sliding pole, with modern sustainable design, which is sure to influence fire houses elsewhere.

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