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The London-based team won the $25,000 prize to create this temporary summer pavilion, inaugurated this year, with their imaginative and thoughtful idea. ‘Mark’s House’ was named after a fictitious local resident who lost his former home during the economic crisis. Building up into the air above the shelter, the work could be a comment on the rate of evictions and housing issues that have occurred throughout the crisis.

With a facade of reflective material, the “house” sits atop a mirrored pedestal to give the impression of being suspended over the lot below. As well as providing shade and shelter, the floating pavilion provided yet another summer surprise: misting water onto visitors below.

A central focus of the AIA Flat Lot Competition was to give the potentially dynamic public space a shelter. In a competition brief, organizers noted that the Flat Lot would become a new “symbol for the city” and an attraction for regional visitors. After a summer of reflected sunlight and a cooling haze, next year’s competitors have their work cut out for them to design something even more effective.

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