Martha Schwartz, landscape architecture, Chongqing, fengming mountain park, perforated metal, demonstration park, steep topography, zigzag paths, mountain pavilions, balustrade walls

Fengming Mountain Park is located on a site with steep slopes, so Martha Schwartz Partners turned the topographic challenge into an opportunity to create a sequential, linear narrative that leads visitors directly “down the mountain” to the sales center situated at the lowest part of the site. Starting at the arrival car park at the highest point in the park, red and orange mountain-like sculptures draw the visitor further into the landscape. Each sculpture is playfully bent and angled to give the impression of dancers in movement.

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To mitigate the extreme level change, a series of zigzag paths lined with balustrade walls slow the descent and provide ever-changing views of the landscape. Water is used as a prominent theme – it cascades down the mountain-like landscape into various features including channels, pools and jets. The mountain pavilions are lit at night and double as giant glowing lanterns.

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Images via Martha Schwartz Partners

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