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Inside the restaurant, each table is decorated with an elaborate center piece made of flowers, while exotic trees and the occasional carnivorous plant fill the passageways. Antique knick-knacks scattered around the restaurant add an element of intrigue, which customers can enjoy while waiting for their food.

Not only perfect for romantic dates, this fairytale restaurant alsoaccommodates families and friends, though the menu isn’t necessarily the greenest. While the very special mushroom risotto is ok for vegetarians, we’d probably skip sweet pig on a spit and succulent veal on coals. But we wouldn’t skip the homemade chocolate mousse or apple pie. As you would expect, Mas Provencal isn’t the cheapest: a four-person dinner that includes a bottle of wine, dessert and coffee will cost between $250 and $300.

The owner of Mas Provencal, a cheerful German fellow, says that wilting flowers are replaced every day. He also has to cover the tables and chairs with plastic when the plants are being watered. Many guests have noticed that in spite of all the plants, the restaurant doesn’t smell like a greenhouse; instead, it always maintains a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

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Images by Mas Provencal