Recently, a Long Island restaurant worker discovered a lobster the size of a small child in a shipping crate. The crustacean weighs in at 23 pounds and, judging by its size, could be as old as 95 years. Luckily for him, he will be sent off to live out the remainder of his golden years in an aquarium, instead of succumbing to the taste buds of all the hungry press and customers who have swarmed to catch a glimpse.

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Fisherman in the Bay of Fundy caught the old timer and shipped him in to Jordan’s Lobster Bar in Long Island. Steve Jordan, the owner, reported that he was stunned to discover the giant and has since decided to send him to the Long Island Aquarium instead of serving him up to his curious customers. He stated “it’s like a dinosaur” and that he hopes the aquarium takes good care of the old guy.

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How common are lobsters of this size and age? There has been research to suggest that the average lifespan of lobsters in the wild is 31 years for males and 54 years for females. It is difficult to estimate the exact age of any given lobster, because they shed their entire hard exoskeletons during molting, which contains the evidence needed for a solid approximation. Yet, even older crustaceans are not unheard of, and larger sizes could signify reproductive success. The largest lobster ever recorded was 44 pounds and 3.5 feet long!

Hopefully knowing these resilient shellfish live such long and fulfilling lives, when uninterrupted, will curb some appetites and allow more of these quiet creatures to live out their old age in peace.

via CBS News, CNN News

Images via CBS News