We spottedMatthew Plummer-Fernandez’s fantastic 3D printed works at Designersblock at this year’s bustling London Design Festival. Using a digital camera, emerging 3D technologies and software—some of which he developed himself—the ¨digital process artist¨ creates pseudo-fractal designs, which are both stunning and produce zero-waste. Intriguing, functional and pretty eco-friendly, Plummer-Fernandez’s bowls are a fantastic application of the open-source technology.

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In the same way as musicians remix music by mixing existing tracks, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez scans existing objects to create new surprising artifacts. He is currently playing with a software he developed himself which allows him to manipulate colors. A relatively new and radical way to create designed objects, Plummer-Fernandez’s 3D printing has a long exciting future ahead.

+ Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Photos © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat

3D Image © Matthew Plummer-Fernandez