McDonald’s Canada is trying to turn over a new leaf, or at least draw in an unlikely vegetarian crowd with their new menu. For the first time in ten years the fast food chain will be offering vegetarian fare alongside its “pink slime” Chicken McNuggets and Big Mac. The Canadian counterpart will soon be offering two meat-free options, the Mediterranean Veggie and Sante Fe Veggie McWraps.

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A meat-free sandwich is unlikely to attract the sizable number of health-conscious eaters that avoid McDonalds, but the fast food company still hopes that this new option will bring in a new trove of customers. Despite the fact that it is still fast food, the Canadian CEO, John Betts, think that the new vegetarian options have mass appeal, and will attract twenty-somethings that aren’t regular McDonald’s customers.

Enticing fast food vegetarians is the new Mediterranean wrap, which is packed with garlic hummus, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, lettuce with a feta sauce, and the Santa Fe wrap, with tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, cheddar, Monterey Jack, red onions, lettuce, tortilla chips, chili lime glaze and a Southwest-inspired sauce. To up the “healthy” claim, each comes in a whole wheat tortilla.

Considered to be a healthier option, the veggie McWraps will only be appearing on McDonald’s menus in Canada for now, with their US counterparts still including chicken—or, at least, some form of chicken-based product—in all their options. In the meantime, McDonald’s U.S. spokeswoman Ofelia Casillas suggests that vegetarians can order “McWraps without chicken and extra veggies.”

Via Huffington Post