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ContemPLAY, pavilion, student design, architecture, outdoor space, sculpture, mobius strip, University of Montreal,

Built entirely out of locally-sourced materials, the pavilion is a three-dimensional mobius strip that is supported by a triangular truss of plywood and steel elements. The wooden lattice work swoops and coasts all around a general seating area below. As one approaches the pavilion, the eye is instantly drawn to the lattice’s mind-bending visual effect. The viewer is subconsciously drawn to the structure, eager to know more about what’s going on inside.

As you get closer to the ContemPLAY pavilion, the eye adjusts to the dizzying effect, and the internal space emerges. The structure’s aesthetic becomes contemplative as one is enveloped by the wall which morphs into the canopy. The light filters through the cladding generating an ambiguous relationship between the notions of inside and outside as well as furniture and shelter.

The team of student designers that spent three months planning the pavilion say it’s an example of socially sustainable public infrastructure that plays with the visual field through form and cladding, it questions the current trend in public space furniture and encroaches in the realm of the abstract sculpture or artifact.

via WAN

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