The ocean is full of strange and mysterious creatures, including a huge sea slug. Adventurer and YouTube show host Coyote Peterson checks out some of these crazy marine creatures on his Brave Wilderness show Beyond the Tide, and this week with “tide pool expert” Aron Sanchez, he found a creature you probably didn’t even know existed: a super huge sea slug. The Black Sea Hare is about two feet long.

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Peterson and Sanchez visited Los Angeles tide pools to find the Black Sea Hare, and searched for a while before they found one. The particular specimen they discovered weighed an estimated ten pounds, but the Black Sea Hare can ultimately weigh as much as 30 pounds. The slimy slug stretched along the length of Peterson’s forearm, leaving oodles of sticky mucus behind.

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While few of us have probably held one of these giant slugs, they can be spotted “in abundance” along America’s Pacific Coast. As Peterson held the Black Sea Hare, Sanchez found a Brown Sea Hare to hold up for comparison. The Brown Sea Hare is big in its own right – it can grow up to over a foot long and weigh five pounds – but it’s dwarfed by the gargantuan Black Sea Hare.

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While the Black Sea Hare may look like something out of science fiction, Sanchez assured the audience it wasn’t dangerous to Peterson. The black slug doesn’t bite, isn’t toxic, and eats a vegetarian diet, feasting mainly on kelp and algae.

On the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, Peterson also hosts three other nature adventure shows, Breaking Trail, Coyote’s Backyard, and Dragon Tails. The channel releases new videos every Tuesday. On his website, Peterson says he believes it’s best to share animals with his viewers “right from their natural environment” and aims to allow viewers to experience these animals through his videos.

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