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While some of our readers may prefer a more rustic touch, many modern greenies don’t want to sacrifice style and comfort for their environmental sensibilities. In which case, the Mehrzeller is right up their alley. Resembling a network of cells on wheels, this contemporary caravan by NONSTANDARD has a clean and angular interior. And best of all, digital software allows buyers to tweak the design in accordance with their own needs.

Once the buyer works with NONSTANDARD to nip and tuck corners and customize other interior details, the digital model is finalized by the architect to ensure that the resulting design is feasible. All that is left to do then is hook up the geometric dwelling to a trailer hitch and drive it down the road. As mobility becomes an increasingly popular way of life, more people are seeking innovative solutions that combine adventure and security in one tidy home.

+ Mehrzeller by NONSTANDARD

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