Located in South East Melbourne, Bentleigh Secondary College is leading by example in the fields of sustainability and education. Suters Architects designed the school’s facilities with green building strategies in mind, and the college’s curriculum teaches sustainability using the various case studies that are in action on the school’s grounds. The project has won an impressive list of awards, topped off last year with the 2012 International Green Award for “Most Sustainable Education Institution”.

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Bentleigh Secondary College offers a range of green features including a 2000-square-meter urban forest, wetlands, fruit and vegetable gardens, water harvesting and a photovoltaic solar energy system. All these are incorporated into the curriculum in years 7 to 10, so students learn and understand sustainability through the study of alternative energy, ecology, microbiology and chemistry.

The school in currently constructing a Meditation and Indigenous Culture Centre designed by Suters Architects, adding to the school’s list of sustainable initiatives and opening up the school to the wider community.

The school’s sustainability initiatives have been recognized with numerous awards including the Green Award for Most Sustainable Education Institute in 2012, three of the Victorian government’s 2012 ResourceSmart Awards, and the 2011 United Nations of Australia World Environment Day Award for sustainable use of water.

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