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MEMA Pets is a new pet company dedicated to modern, durable products that make your and your pet’s life better. The ALU dog collar is their first design, and it seeks to meet the needs of families looking for something sustainable and durable. “We set out to make a modern looking, easy to use, high-quality dog collar, that will last your dog’s lifetime, and we believe so strongly in the quality of ALU that we guarantee the collar for life,” explains Patricia Ochoa, Co-founder of MEMA Pets, which is based in Richmond, CA.

The collar is made in the Bay Area from cork, hemp webbing and anodized aluminum. The cork is flexible, durable, waterproof and even repels mosquitos, while the hemp is naturally resistant to mold and UV light. That means your dog’s collar won’t take on the funk that so many collars do with sweat, swim sessions or rolling in nasty stuff. The collar’s anodized and CNC-machined clasp closes with a rare earth magnet, and the system went through rigorous testing to make sure that even the hardest puller couldn’t break free. The magnets may even help ease your dog’s aches and help them sleep better at night.

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MEMA Pets sent me a collar to try out with my dog Cooper. He’s a 70 lb Lab and Border Collie mix who pulls super hard on his leash, swims, rolls in the dirt and slides in the snow. Not only does Cooper look super handsome in his new collar, but I’m pretty certain it’s going to last through his rough play for a long time. The ALU Collar is available through MEMA Pets’ website for $99 in three different color options. While that may seem like a lot of money for a collar, MEMA Pets hope is that this is the only collar you will ever have to buy for your pet.

Images ©Bridgette Meinhold for Inhabitat and MEMA Pets