Mercedes-Benz is no newcomer to the field of stylish, fuel-efficient cars — just check out their crazy hybrid F-Cell Roadster or the all-electric Gullwing concept car — but their new F800 style concept sedan promises to combine the sleek Benz aesthetic with a flexible powertrain that can be customized either as a plug-in hybrid or as a fuel cell-powered electric drive system.

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The car, set to be unveiled at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, features a top speed of 155 mph, sliding doors, a 360-degree collision detection system, and a cruise control system that can navigate curves under 25 mph.

On the green side of things, the plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle offers a lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of over 10 kWh. The car can run on pure electric power for 18 miles at 75 mph before switching into hybrid mode. But the Mercedes-Benz team imagines that the car can be adapted to future technologies: “The hybrid system can be expanded in various ways, depending on performance needs and the area of application. On this basis, it is possible to combine hybrid modules and batteries of different performance ratings with fuel-efficient, high-torque gasoline and diesel engines. Examples range from the current mild hybrids all the way to Plug-in Hybrids that enable pure electric driving over long distances.

No word on when the F800 style will be released, but we’re guessing that a plug-in system will show up before a fuel cell-powered version.

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