Mercedes-Benz has long been a top name when it comes to innovation. Most recently, this is evidenced by the newly released eScooter, a zero-emissions scooter that is light, foldable and portable to help cover the miles between the parking garage or bus stop and the final destination without contributing to air pollution.

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With an electric motor providing 500W power, the eScooter is powerful enough to climb grades, yet convenient enough to keep in the trunk of a car. It can get you where you need to go with a quick acceleration of up to 20km/h, which is the top limit allowed in Germany, where the eScooter was born. It may not go as fast as a car, but the 7.8 Ah battery offers an impressive range of up to 25 kilometers without a recharge.

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Both front and rear suspension and wide rubber tires allow the electric scooter greater traction and stability over uneven cobblestones or on smooth pavement. For added comfort and security, the kickboard is wide enough for both feet and comes with a non-slip coating.

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The handlebars are also road-ready with an easily adjustable height, right-handed acceleration and left-handed breaking. In addition, there is a foot break, front and rear lighting and side reflectors for safety. There’s even a classic bell to warn of your arrival around a corner or intersection. Plus, because you wouldn’t expect any less from Mercedes-Benz, there is a centrally mounted display, which makes it easy to monitor speed, battery level and riding mode at a glance. With the quick release of a foot lever, the eScooter folds in half for garage or trunk storage. You can also easily take it on public transportation for a convenient way to move between the station and the office.

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The Mercedes-Benz eScooter is part of a growing line of vehicles the company is scheduled to release over the next two years in an effort to provide Mercedes-Benz quality with more sustainable designs and less emissions.

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