Ever wished that you could put in just a bit more insulation in your jacket? That’s the idea behind the really stylish and cool looking Gatherer Jacket by Merrell. The translucent jacket comes as a shell with no insulation, but is equipped with a number of zippers throughout its body where the wearer stuff the jacket with whatever insulation material is on hand. Shredded paper, pine needles, fallen leaves or yesterday’s newspaper – the Gatherer offers endless ways to keep warm with some creative recycling of found objects.

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The translucent Nylon fabric allows the wearer to showcase his insulation material, making the jacket customizable in terms of insulation levels, but also as a method of self expression where you can show off your choice of insulation to the world. Another benefit comes from the modularity: you can adjust the location of the insulation, so if you need a bit more warmth in your chest area, and less in your arms it’s just a matter of adjusting the stuffed materials.

This jacket seems like an excellent idea for camping enthusiasts – it won’t take too much space to pack, it’s waterproof and will allow you to keep warm wherever you go. The Gatherer is available now for both men and women at $99.

Top photo via Popular Mechanics