The Revitalizer Wax Lamp is not your typical light fixture. Created by London-based designer Merve Kahraman, the lamp features a wax shade that goes through a cycle of melting and reshaping. The lamprecycles itself, as the wax melts down into a cup and cools to create a replacement shade.

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The lamp consists of a high-voltage bulb set within a shade held by a thin wire armature. The heat from the burning bulb is transferred to the wax, which starts to melt down and fall into the container below. A new mold is created through the heat resistance inside the core. Once the wax sets, the user can take it out and replace it atop the lamp. Kahraman has also developed Revitalizer 2, an alternative version of the lamp that includes a dimmer and a temperature regulator, allowing greater control of the light intensity and wax recasting.

The constant regeneration of the lamp represents ‘poetic transformation through metamorphosis’. The captivating process of transforming solid material into liquid creates a constantly evolving ambiance and brings back the childhood fascination with different shapes and textures created by melting wax.

+ Mehve Kahraman

Via DesignTAXI