Perhaps one of the most transparent furniture companies on the market, Division Twelve just reached a new pinnacle in its sustainability goals with a carbon-neutral certification.

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Division Twelve is a Canadian-based company dedicated to producing environmentally-friendly furniture. Using bent-metal techniques, the stools, chairs, benches and tables offer colorful, modernist interior design options. Although pieces are made to last, the steel and textiles are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life. Similarly, the seat foam is constructed using bio-based ingredients. Even the powder coating is environmentally friendly.

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“Sustainability has been ingrained in the Division Twelve ethos from the start,” says Meghan Sherwin, Chief Marketing Officer. “We are proud to reach this milestone in our sustainability efforts – combined with our best-in-class design and fresh, irreverent marketing, Division Twelve is a real triple threat in the furniture industry.”  

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Moreover, sustainable material selection is at the heart of the company’s achievement in earning carbon neutral status. In fact, Division Twelve took a full-cycle approach in evaluating the carbon emissions at every stage of its processes. After finding and eliminating as much carbon release as possible through the design, material selection, production, distribution and post-consumer waste processes, the company then committed to carbon offsets through the notable carbon-reduction management organization at 

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By working with Carbonfund, Division Twelve is also able to support three primary environmental projects. The first is the U.S. Truck Stop Electrification Project, which addresses the carbon emissions created during product transportation. The second is The Minnesota Forestry Improvement Project, which oversees responsible management of Minnesota woodlands. The third is The Aqua Clara Water Filtration Program, which is dedicated to providing clean water and jobs to Kenyan communities. 

Each product listing available through Division Twelve also provides a link to an assessment of the product life cycle. In collaboration with SCS Global Services, the international leader in third-party verification for sustainability, every product is evaluated for energy consumption, material composition, and the transport emissions of every resource used during production. Every product offers around 12 pages of line-item contributing factors with subsequent evaluations. That’s transparency. 

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