Prolific and provocative eco-architect Michael Jantzen has come up with yet another fascinating building, this time inspired by the symbolic image of grape vines growing over a trellis. The Eco Wine Pavilion is designed for temperate climates and functions as a wine tasting and special events center while also doubling as a renewable energy generator and storage facility. Jantzen continues to intrigue us with his original approach to sustainable design, and now that he has incorporated alcohol, we could not be more pleased.

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The structure features a series of steel arches and horizontal supports that are covered in glass panels and allow for the building’s construction to come mostly from prefabricated components. These glass panels will open and close automatically to help direct natural ventilation. Together, the vertical axis wind turbine – located at the base of the structure and the photovoltaic material covering parts of the exterior will generate enough energy to meet the pavilion’s needs.

As always, Jantzen’s work is an innovative exploration of how we can combine sustainable building methods with commercial architecture that will ignite conversation and dazzle the eye.

+ Michael Jantzen