Michelle Taylor‘s work is about a personal childhood experience of loss. By fixing broken ceramics, chinaware and found souvenirs through sewing and knitting the stray pieces together, the artist finds a way to reconnect with her mother who passed away at a very young age. Her delicate works not only pay homage to what’s been lost, but they become curious pieces worthy of a closer look.

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The artist uses harsh industrial processes like sandblasting, drilling, deconstructing and breaking to create her pieces, and to provide a strong contrast to the later peaceful process of stitching and knitting together the shards by hand. Her complete works are able to give new life to old, unloved objects in a delicate emotional way.

Taylor is a Design & Applied Arts graduate from the University of Wolverhampton. We spotted her delicate works at last year’s New Designers Show 2011 in London.

+ Michelle Taylor

Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat