Humvees aren’t the type of vehicle you’d normally find on the streets of Great Britain — Schwarzenegger’s garage, yes. However, last weekend a Humveewas indeed spotted in our fair capital, but it wasn’t turning heads for the obvious reasons. This Humvee was of significantly reduced size and it was electric! Say hello to the MEV HUMMER HX.

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The MEV Hummer HX is the only proportionally correct licensed resort vehicle on the market. It has been designed to match the infamous Humvee to include the characteristic louver grille, custom wheels, door sills, styled seats and floor mats.

But the greatest thing about this Hummer is that it is electric and can be charged from a 12V charging point. While General Motors may have closed the Hummer automotive plant in 2010, it is thought that the cool little HX model could have saved the brand.

The Hummer’s appearance on the streets of London was to advertise the new website

Click to see the Hummer HX in action.

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via The Energy Collective