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A home base for ecological workshops and biomimicry studies, the Morpho Eco retreat is situated on a high plateau about 850 feet above sea level, which means it basically floats among the clouds and peers over the lush rainforest. Very little land was cleared to make room for the two structures, which have a combined footprint of less than 3,000 feet.

The main lodge has been lifted off the ground to make room for vehicles and exploratory and recreational equipment below. A 2,500 gallon rainwater catchment tank supplies the retreat’s water and most of the furniture was built in a local workshop with fallen trees such as Teka, Guanacaste, and Cenizaro. The roofs’ deep overhangs provide great shade while the pitched roofs ensure plenty of natural light. A light breeze circulates through the spaces as well.

Other materials used to complete the project include galvanized steel, hot rolled metal and enameled corrugated metal – all simple materials that provide a simple, minimalist atmosphere that works in harmony with the bountiful natural environment.

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