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Rudenko’s grand 3D-printed castle and his self-built 3D printer was a labor of love. Drawing from the knowledge of the RepRap community, the Minnesotan contractor footed the bill for the project independently and experimented endlessly on everything from cement mixes to the heights and widths of the cement layers. After trial and error, Rudenko printed the castle from 10-millimeter high layers of precisely laid concrete that measure 30 millimeters in width. He also added rebars into the bottom and top walls.

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With his concrete castle test-run successfully built, Rudenko is now working to redesign his printer based on his lessons learned and has a near-term goal of 3D printing a full-scale livable house. “My goal will be to print 24 hours a day until the project is finished,” writes Rudenko. “I’m also planning to print the structure in one piece; printing the castle turrets by themselves was a bad idea as they were extremely difficult to lift and place.” Rudenko is also currently looking for collaborators and backers for his next project.

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