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The curved building is covered in triangular reflective panels that make the pavilion “disappear” into the surrounding landscape during the daytime. The Borden Park Pavilion’s zigzagging truss framework was built from laminated glulam Douglas fir and sits atop a concrete foundation. “With its prominent wood and concrete component, the pavilion proves its success in the choice of durable, permanent and timeless materials,” write the architects. “The building’s remaining palette consists of simple materials that, in character, emphasize the surrounding landscape, and in quality, ensure a robust and enduring building.”

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The pavilion houses washrooms, vending machines, and a few tables with bolted-down stools. The seating area is located at the edge of the pavilion and looks out at the landscape through the white triangular trusses. At night, the single-level pavilion lights up from within to the expose the building interior.

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