Did you miss Amazon Prime Day? Don’t despair. Even if you spaced out and forgot to peruse Amazon for discounts on everything you’ve been needing — and many things you never knew you needed — it’s not too late to shop. Here are some eco-friendly deals you can still get after Prime Day.

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Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier

When you buy this air purifier, you’re not just breathing better — you’re saving pets. Every air purifier sold benefits the Bissell Pet Foundation, which helps homeless dogs and cats. And speaking of pets, its 3-stage filtration — all-in-one pre-filter, carbon and HEPA — will remove a lot of the pet dander from your life. Plus, it traps dust, pollen, smoke, odors and volatile organic compounds. This purifier can cover a 110-square foot room, so it’s good for home offices and bedrooms. The fan has three speeds, the lowest being very quiet. You can also use the purifier as a night light, with various settings depending on how scared you are of the dark. Maintenance is easy; just replace the filter every four months. Right now you can get this purifier for $84.99, 15% off the regular price of $99.99.

Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier – Buy Now on Amazon

Solar charger with flashlight

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or experiencing an unexpected blackout, this solar charger with a flashlight will brighten a dark night. It’s built for a rugged life of being splashed with water and dropped in the dust. The dual USB ports provide enough power to charge your iPhone 11, iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy S10 at least twice. Note that solar charging can be pretty slow, so bring this device when you camp in a sunny place. The solar charger comes with a micro USB cable when you want to cheat and charge it faster and an 18-month warranty. The sale price of $26.99 is 33% off the full price of $39.99.

Solar Charger – Buy Now on Amazon

Kasa smart plugs

Do you like to boss Alexa around? Now you can do it with Kasa smart plugs, which work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Use your voice to control any of your home electronic devices. You can set up all kinds of nifty things through the app, such as a timer to set your smart plugs to automatically turn on a lamp for security or your holiday lights for festivity. Control what’s happening with your home appliances even if you’re at work or on vacation. Kasa won the Readers’ Choice of PCMag 2020 and comes with a two-year warranty. The current price of $24.29 for a four-pack is a 10% savings.

Kasa Smart Plugs – Buy Now

Bio Bidet attachment

For sparkly clean nether regions without having to install an additional full-size appliance, here’s a sleek and sturdy bidet attachment. Just think, you could be enjoying the benefits of cleansing water shooting from dual nozzle spray options. No need to call the handyperson, this Bio Bidet attachment was designed for easy DIY installation. It’s a bargain at $39.99 and comes with a one-year warranty.

Bio Bidet – Buy Now

Nest thermostat

If you still don’t have a Nest thermostat, now is the time to buy one. This Energy Star-certified gadget is smart. It turns itself down when you leave home, avoiding energy waste. You can program it from the Google Home app on an Android or iPhone, or use your laptop or tablet. You can control your home’s energy use even if you’re away on vacation. If an old-school thermostat is like a plant, passively waiting for you to water it, the Nest is more like a cat, who will meow when she’s hungry. Or, in this case, will notify you if something seems off, or if it’s time for maintenance work. The Nest is designed to work without a C wire in most cases. If you don’t know what that means, get a techy friend to help with the setup. Save 23% and get a Nest for $99.99.

Nest Thermostat – Buy Now

Merkur safety razor

Life’s too short to surround yourself with ugly utilitarian items. Instead, buy a zero-waste razor that sparks joy. This slant head Merkur razors is well-made in Germany and just looks cool. So silver. So shiny. And it conquers even the toughest facial hair. It’s currently on sale for $50.33.

Merkur Safety Razor – Buy Now

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