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Patagonia Meatpacking is the brand’s first climbing store since its early days in the 1970s and features gear for activities from bouldering to technical-alpine climbing. The climbing-specific store, which opened in February, was created as a response to New Yorkers’ climbing enthusiasm for the sport.

MNA’s modern design for the space perfectly complements the character of adjacent high-end retailers while staying mindful of Patagonia’s environmental focus and the Meatpacking District’s history. Using locally-sourced, reclaimed materials, MNA deftly combined history, sustainability, and style.

Patagonia Meatpacking’s pine-planked flooring was salvaged from the industrial warehouses around the city and bricking was salvaged from apartment buildings on the outskirts of Westchester, NY. And just a stone’s throw away, the ceiling beams — reclaimed softwood joists — were sourced from deconstructed warehouses underneath the High Line. As a final finishing touch, a custom-made, fully functioning meat rail was installed throughout the store, with each hook used to display Patagonia apparel.

+ Michael Neumann Architecture

Images courtesy of Michael Neumann Architecture