The Ministry of Architecture + Interiors has just released images of their plan to build a new international test cricket ground in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbor. The sweeping structure that stretches out over the water like a giant sail will be a multi-purpose haven for visitors and players alike. It will not only house an immaculate playing field, locker rooms, vendors, and event spaces, but will also double as an outdoor concert and festival venue between professional games and during the off season.

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The seaside arena plans are part of an urban renewal project years in the making. Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, along the Waitemata Harbor, has long been home to a number of liquid chemical plant storage facilities, aptly named the “Tank Farm.” The industrial wasteland known for polluting the harbor has just recently been reclaimed and plans to transform the space to multi-use residential and commercial centers are already underway. The new test cricket ground would sit at the quarter’s edge, overlooking the harbor which will proudly display a cleaner, brighter, landscape.


via world architecture news