Foragers unite! Now when you discover some sweet street-side amaranth or blackberries, you can share the surplus with Boskoi, a mobile phone app for wild foods. Named after the greek word for grazer, the app lays out a map of local fruits and herbs and allows users to edit and add their own finds. Now there’s even more reason to test the limits of your 3G network and spread word of your explorations. Get out and find some food!

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Originally created strictly for Amsterdam as an Ushahidi-based app, this forager’s tool comes from the folks at Urban_Edibles. Boskoi also points you toward further info on your found plants, so you can verify that you’re not about to eat something that’s actually inedible. Foraging culture is typically very territorial, and Urban Edibles gives very clear guidelines: don’t tread on stuff, only pick what you can use, and ask if ownership is unclear. But if you come up with a great recipe for Miner’s Lettuce, by all means, pass it on!

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