After finding the perfect plot of land 30 minutes outside of Poznań’s historic city center, Carolina reached out to Polish architecture studio PL.architekci to realize her dream home — a Hollywood Western-inspired abode where she could fulfill her passions for horseback riding and raising cacti. To that end, the architects crafted a handsome residence that resembles the traditional, rural vernacular and features a streamlined, modern appearance to complement the surrounding landscape. Designed to connect with nature in multiple ways, the Poz_7 House is built primarily of timber and wrapped in low-maintenance, untreated larch that will naturally develop a silvery patina over time to match the hue of the nearby trees.

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wood home with gabled roof

Completed over the course of three years, the Poz_7 House is a gabled, single-story residence of roughly 270 square meters — occupying less than 3% of the total site. “[We] managed to fit such a building into the landscape by not competing with the surrounding environment and by letting the architecture complement the environment,” the architects noted. “Thanks to that the house is not like a monument in the middle of a field.”

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home with thin wood slats for cladding

While the home’s external cladding is made of untreated larch, the building structure is constructed of Siberian larch, a material chosen for its durability. Following modernist principles, the architects eschewed embellishments and unnecessary ornamental designs in favor of a clean and minimalist look.

wood home with glass wall facing a meadow

A timber palette continues to the interior, where ash lines multiple surfaces, including the floors. The architects also celebrate wood by exposing the timber roof trusses and topping the kitchen island with an untreated plank. Glazing on all four sides lets in natural light and frames views of the landscape to create a constant connection with the outdoors. Although the client initially sought a south-facing living room, the architects instead oriented the living space toward the northeast to face the site’s most beautiful view: a wild meadow dotted with trees and bisected by a small river.

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Photography by Tom Kurek via PL.architekci