The Corum Residence is a strikingly simple modern home set in a rolling field in rural Iowa. Designed and constructed by Substance Architects and Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck, the 2,785 square foot home cantilevers over a large hill facing a beautiful private pond. The entire back façade, which faces the pond, is a floor-to-ceiling window that floods the residence with natural light.

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Seeking a home that would pare down the family’s day to day life, the family hired Substance to create a home that fulfilled their simple daily needs. Purchasing a 4 acre piece of land in ruralIowa, the home they sought would echo simplistic agricultural architecture. With respect to the limited budget, Substance designed a home of simple materials, based on the design of an elongated two car garage.

The base of the metal “tube” home is made from stabilized cast concrete. The foundation is nestled into the surrounding hill and landscape, providing scenic views from the interior. The large common areas are grouped mostly in the back near the open windows, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the more private closed areas.

The home was positioned to provide optimal solar heating and insulation in winter. The large functional windows allow the project to pick up cross breezes off the pond, cooling the home in the summer.

The Corum Residence’s simple design satisfies the family’s desire to downsize their home while harmonizing with the serene landscape of the Iowa countryside.

+ Substance Architects

+ Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck

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