London-based designer Postler Ferguson has come up with an innovative and modern package to help ease the transport of fresh fish from the counter at your supermarket to your kitchen. Ferguson proposes to replace the typical paper fish packaging, which often ends up leaking through your grocery bag, with an airtight, resealable package that can be used to help raise consumer awareness about sustainable seafood.

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Postler Ferguson, a multidisciplinary design consultancy, works on prototyping and product development such as these new Fresh Fish Packs in order to create tangible solutions for the complex challenges of their clients. The interesting challenge for supermarkets is that fresh fish is being offered in more sustainable species like mackerel, skate, and gurnard, but these species happen to be unfamiliar and ugly to a common grocery shopper. With the new Fresh Fish Packs, shoppers can be enticed to buy these species with modern and smart packaging.

The Fresh Fish Packs are made from polyethylene and are resealable. They are even airtight and offer the consumer the option to ice the whole package in order to keep the fish fresher longer. You can keep fish fresh longer! No more need to repackage and freeze paper-covered fish purchases with your own Ziploc bags!

+Postler Ferguson