The real housing crisis didn’t happen in the early 2000s. It’s happening right now, as both Canada and the U.S. find that the need for affordable housing is growing more and more desperate every day. Moreover, there are many countries around the world in dire need of affordable housing solutions. People are in need and they are suffering, but there is hope. S.I. Container Builds has cracked the formula for providing exactly these solutions through sustainable, affordable practices.

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A beautiful white interior of one of the shipping containers

S.I. Container Builds, based in Chicago, turns recycled shipping containers into work and living spaces that are comfortable and fully functional. Their method of flipping these containers has proven so successful, and the housing need is so great, that S.I. Container Builds has recently opened up a new production facility to provide even more of this much-needed housing solution.

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A sleek new kitchen inside the recycled shipping container

At the new facility, the company can build multiple units at a time. The facility also has an in-house paint booth and an in-house welding station. There are rolling carts to provide key elements of the design, such as plumbing and electricity.

An exterior view of one of the homes and an overview of the new warehouse

“We understand the critical housing shortage the U.S. and Canada are facing, and we believe that we have figured out the formula for creating many dwellings quickly, without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. We are ready to tackle this problem with our sustainable, affordable solution,” said Rory Rubin, CEO and co-founder of S.I. Container Builds.

S.I. Container Builds strives to keep its carbon footprint small while creating affordable housing from recycled shipping containers. That’s a lot of sustainability and forward-thinking all rolled into one company. Affordable housing solutions are highly in demand right now. Meanwhile, this company is providing the answer to that problem, something that bodes very well for the future. There are solutions to problems and companies like this one prove that with a little hard work, those solutions are totally achievable.

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Images via S.I. Container Builds